Soft Seduction - Unity 2019

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A Valentines themed space perfect for spending with the one closest to you, this is the 5th world release from VRChat World Creators ~Sam x Camille as part of "Soft Series", and a special collaboration with avatar creator Cupkake for Feb 2023! Check out Cupkake's shop here, and visit the avatars featured in the world:
♡ ??? [Feb 19]

Public World Link
⊹ Uploaded publicly Feb 5th, 2023
⊹ 69.8 MB
⊹ ∞ Cross-Platform (PC / Quest)
⊹ Modeled entirely from scratch
No Setup Required! Just open and upload!
Does not include assets as part of the Cupkake collaboration!

⊹ A Valentines themed space perfect for spending with the one closest to you
⊹ Rose petals scattered around the room with pickups for the Roses
⊹ Fluffy pillows and the soft materials that you are used to seeing in "Soft Series" worlds in VRChat
⊹ Convenient toggleable mirrors throughout the space
⊹ Pens
⊹ Rain
⊹ Colliders
⊹ Donut Pickups
⊹ Chairs
⊹ Video player
⊹ Sleep mode (PC)

Additional Items Included:
⊹ World comes with several picture frames for you to place your own pictures of you and your loved ones!
⊹ Color swaps for fabric materials
⊹ Avatar pedestals
⊹ Extra scenes containing color swaps for the world emissions

WARNING: This world was made using 2019 Unity and Bakery Lightmaps. Due to the change in version, lightmaps may not be as expected and may have errors.

⊹ Unity Hub
Unity 2019.4.31f1

Upload Instructions:
1.) Please make sure you have Unity Hub and Unity 2019.4.31f1 installed. Instructions on how to do so are listed here:
.) Download and unzip the project file
3.) Open Unity Hub and select "Open" at the top
4.) Navigate to the downloaded project file "Soft Seduction" and select it. This will open the project in Unity.
5.) Open "OPEN ME" in assets at the bottom and read through the "READ ME" for any further instructions.

The video player may not work on import, if so, just go to "VRChat>Reload SDK" that should solve all issues!

If there is a blueprint attached to the world simply select "Spawn Point" in the hierarchy and detach the blueprint ID

⊹ Pictures: Neomance
⊹ Pens: z3y
⊹ PC Video player: MerlinVR
⊹ Udonsharp: MerlinVR
⊹ Cyan Triggers: CyanLaser
⊹ VRCPlayersOnlyMirror: acertainbluecat
⊹ UdonCalibratingChairs: Superbstingray

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Do not remove the world credit when uploading as public in VRChat.
This project is for only yourself. Do not distribute this project to others.

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Soft Seduction - Unity 2019

9 ratings
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