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Soft Series Asset Packs

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This is an asset pack containing furniture and decor from VRChat World Creators ~Sam x Camille!

These assets are used as part of the "Soft Series", soft and cozy themed spaces in VRChat. All 5 worlds from the series have been featured in VRChat's Top 10 "Hot" category, representing the most popular and successful worlds on the platform at the time.

Private Demo World Link
⊹ 30 MB
⊹ ∞ Cross-Platform (PC / Quest)
⊹ Modeled entirely from scratch
⊹ Personal and Commercial Use
⊹ Do not re-sell individual assets
No Setup Required! Just drag and drop the assets!

Each Asset Pack Includes:

Soft Series Asset Pack - Small Objects
⊹ Round Drinking Glasses, Latte Mugs and Saucers, Heart and Panda Donuts, Serving Tray, Dessert Plate, Macarons, Champagne Flute/Bottle, Liquor Decanters, Assorted Roses, Assorted Vases, Assorted Floor Cushions and Pillows, Perfume Bottles with Tray, Makeup Pouf, Assorted Books, Pet Bowl, Pens

Soft Series Asset Pack - Lights
⊹ Floor Globe Light, Table Lamps, Wall Globe Light, Chandelier, Assorted Candles, Glass Table Lamp, Candle Hurricane Glasses, Assorted Lanterns, Pillar with String Lights, Ceiling Circle Lights

Soft Series Asset Pack - Furniture
⊹ Wall Picture Frame, Glass End Table, Curtains with Sheer and Tiebacks, Swing, Tufted Room Divider, Sheer Canopy, Fire Place Frame, Door with Curved Handle, Tall Curtains, Two Drawer End Table, Tufted Armchair, Tufted Sofa, Heart Bed with Pillows, Pet Bed, Tufted Heart Chair, Bar Cart, Modern End Table, Assorted Modern Sofas, Wood Shelf, Desk with Metal Legs, Circular Couch, Draped Curtain, Boucle Chair and Foot Stool, Cloud Floor Sofa, Circular Lounge Bed with Pillows, Row Boat with Oars, Blanket, and Pillows, Wood Bench and Stool, Marble Coffee Table, Computer Chair

Soft Series Asset Pack - Full
⊹ All items listed above! Full pack includes the combined assets from Objects, Lights, and Furniture Soft Series Asset Packs.

⊹ Unity Hub
Unity 2019.4.31f1

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Soft Series Asset Packs

18 ratings
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