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In a VRChat community first, veteran creators Sleepy, ZinPia, Cupkake, Nessy!, and Lunar Reef have come together with ~Sam x Camille to create a collaborative Year 2000's experience! This landmark collaboration celebrates the first avatar release of ~Sam x Camille, "Chloe", as well as the launch of public world "Y2K Dreamhouse". This Cross-Platform world includes simplified basic free versions of each avatar.

Check out each collaborator:
Kacy by Cupkake (Avatar PC/Quest)
Britney by Lunar Reef (Avatar PC/Quest)
Jay by Nessy! (Avatar PC/Quest)
Katie by ZinPia (Avatar PC/Quest)
Malibu by Sleepy (Avatar PC/Quest)
"Y2K Dreamhouse" by ~Sam x Camille + ZinPia (PC/Quest world, not for sale)

- Overall: Very Poor
- Download Size: 37 MB
- Polygons: 293,576
- Skinned Mesh Renderers: 29
- Material Slots: 48
- Phys Bone Components: 13
- Texture Memory: 131 MB

🎀 = Available on Quest Version
⊹ Key Features:
- Clean and Organized package
- GoGo Loco 🎀
- 9 Toggable Contacts ( 🎀 5)
- 6 Face Gestures 🎀
- Custom Idle Blinking 🎀
- Smart Toggles, for example if you turn on the bra the bodysuit automatically turns off
- 6 DPS locations (V*, A*, Chest, Hands, Mouth)
⊹ Presets (Dissolves):
- Default Outfit: Blue tanktop, Corset, Jean Skirt, Angel Necklace 🎀
- Pajama's/Lounge Outfit: PJ's Top/Bottom and Bunny Slippers
- Partys Outfit: Party Vest, Party Skirt, Fishnet, Sneakers
- Swimwear Outfit: Bikini top, Bikini bottom, Jelly Heels, Necklace
⊹ Clothes (Individual Dissolves):
- Tops (Dissolve): Blue Tanktop, Pajamas Top, Party Vest
- Bottoms (Dissolve): Jean Skirt, Pajamas Bottom, Party Skirt
- Shoes (Dissolve): Boots, Jelly Heels, Sneakers, Bunny Slippers
- Fuzzy Coat (Non Dissolve)
- Fishnets (Non Dissolve)
- Corset (Dissolve)
⊹ Accessories:
- Interactable Bubblegum
- Sunglasses
- Sunglasses Up
- Ears 🎀 (Dissolve)
- Tail 🎀 (Dissolve)
- Jewelry:
- Charm Bracelet 🎀
- Earrings 🎀
- Angel Necklace 🎀
- Ringpop 🎀
- Hair Clips 🎀
- Donut Necklace
⊹ Contacts (Toggable)
- Headpats 🎀
- Eye Pokes 🎀
- Nose boop 🎀
- Kiss 🎀
- Shy Fingers 🎀
- Choke
- Ring Pop (Self)
- Ring Pop (BFFs)
⊹ Customize Features
- Blue Hue Syncs (Boots Hue and PJs Hue will sync to the value of the default top color is if Blue Syncs is on)
- Pink Hue Syncs (Bikini Hue and Party Outfit Hue will sync to the value of the Accessories Hue color is if Pink Syncs is on)
- Hair
- Pigtails
- Space Buns
- Straight
- Customize Hair: Black, White, Brunette, Blonde, Pink (Hue Shift), Pink Tips (Hue Shift)
- Accessories: Hair Clips, Hair Pins, Hair Puffs (pigtails), Headband (straight), Headband (hue)
- Body
- Skin Decal Shift (smoothly transitions between skin tone shades) (🎀 = 3 shade toggles)
- Eye Hue Shift
- Eye Saturation Shift
- Boob Slider
- Clothes
- Corset Material Swap: Cheetah Print/Black
- Denim Skirt Material Swap: Non Ripped/Ripped
- Radial Changes:
- Default Outfit Hue Shift
- Denim Skirt Shift (Dark Blue to White)
- PJs Hue Shift
- Accessories Hue Shift
- Fishnets Hue Shift
- Party Outfit/Bikini Outfit Hue Shift
- Party Outfit/Bikini Outfit Saturation Shift
- Party Outfit/Bikini Outfit Brightness Shift
- Boots Hue Shift
- Boots Saturation Shift
- Boots Brightness Shift

⊹ A huge thank you to Krisandra for the Unity Menu, Animations, and Contacts!
💗= Made especially for this avatar/collaboration
⊹ Head: ZinPia, Nessy! [Camille edit]
⊹ Face Textures: Chantel (1) (2) [Camille/ZinPia edit], Baby hair - Sleepy [Camille edit]
⊹ Eye Texture: Sivka, HoneyLab [Camille edit]
⊹ Custom Blink: Cam
⊹ Body: ZinPia [Camille edit]
⊹ Body Textures: 💗ZinPia [Camille edit], HoneyLab [Camille edit]
⊹ Hair Texture: Cicieaaa
⊹ Hair: 💗Buns - Nessy!, 💗Half up - Nessy!, 💗Down - Nessy!
⊹ Fennec Ears: Love
⊹ Tail: JinxieWinks
Outfit - Default:
⊹ Necklaces, Earrings, Word Hairpins, Sunglasses, Headband: 💗~Sam
⊹ Tank Top, Underwear/Bathing Suit: 💗ZinPia
Denim Skirt: 💗ZinPia [Camille edit]
⊹ Corset: AlcTrap [~Sam edit]
⊹ Jacket: Lunar Reef [~Sam Edit]
⊹ Thigh High Boots: Nauuki [Camille edit]
⊹ Charm Bracelet: 💗Cupkake [Including charms by Sleepy, ZinPia, Nessy, Lunar Reef, ~Sam]
⊹ Ring pop: 💗Cupkake
Outfit - Comfy:
⊹ Sleepy Set: Lolo [Camille edit]
⊹ Slippers: Renipuff [Camille edit]
Outfit - Swim:
⊹ Bikini: 💗ZinPia
⊹ Shoes: Cupkake [~Sam Edit]
Outfit - Party:
⊹ Vest: 💗Mehdi
⊹ Fishnets: ZinPia [Camille edit]
⊹ Skirt, Socks: 💗~Sam
⊹ Shoes: ZinPia
⊹ Bubblegum: cakieexe
⊹ Heart Particles: bunkism
⊹ Menu Icons: smoluni,awmi, Camille

Big thanks to: Depereo for the video showcase, trailer, and gifs. Zinpia for the avatar toggle showcase, Zinpia and roxy for the avatar cover photos, Cupkake for the avatar renders

You may not reuse anything from this model (assets/animations/textures/etc.)
This avatar is for only yourself. Do not distribute this avatar to others.

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Chloe - Avatar

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